Martins Chiropractic wants to introduce you to the newest line of Cold Lasers from Erchonia®


A revolutionary new handheld laser device with three FDA 510(k) market clearances, definable channels and preset protocols; cold laser has become more effective at battling chronic pain than ever before.

How it Works

Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT) or cold laser, is a painless, sterile, non-invasive, drug-free modality used for a variety of conditions such as; acute and chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, heel and foot pain associated planter fasciitis, as well as post-operative pain.

Housed within the mitochondria, the cell energy manufacturer, are receptors capable of absorbing distinct parameters of light. During laser treatment, the light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by receptors within the mitochondria. Receptor stimulation with light promotes energy production, biochemical reactions, protein and growth factor synthesis, cell growth and proliferation, as well as enhanced blood and oxygen flow.

Many patients find the Cold Laser solution is a much more effective and immediate alternative to traditional pain medications. Combined with chiropractic care, nothing heals faster! The XLR8 laser can help you lead a normal, active, and healthy life free of debilitating pain.

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